Update - 2014/04/13
Preparations have begun to open our new
Training Center. It will be located in
Cloverdale, BC. This center will host training in
firearms, CQB, and self-defense, in addition to
tailored courses. Our primary clients are
members of the Military, with options available
to Police forces. Training is designed using
Tactical Scenarios ranging from Active Shooter
situations, to high-risk entry.

Update - 2013/06/15
Defense Intelligence Service opens a branch 
office in Blaine, Washington. In addition to our
work as Private Military Contractors, options
are being examined to offer armed security
services. All U.S. requests for disaster
response will be dispatched from this office.
Welcome to our website
The "Private Military Contractor" concept rebooted.

The concept of Private Military Contractors isn't new. It has gone by different names, with a checkered
past. Since 9/11, the use of private contractors has evolved into a new entity. Governments now use PMCs
for domestic and foreign missions where military options are not readily available. These PMCs may be
tasked one day with responding as a Quick Reaction Force, and then later as a Personal Security
Detachment. Military forces may be forbidden by law to operate in these locations, and police/security
agencies don't have the experience.

"You Get What You Pay For."

When there is little or no oversight, people get killed. Some PMCs don't care whether the people they hurt
are innocent or not. Governments demand that someone is prosecuted, and this means companies and/or
individuals get investigated. Our philosophy is to promote personal responsibilty and team accountability.
From the moment our people hit the ground, they know they must get in and get out with minimal
engagement. We are paid for results, not negative headlines.
Canada - Mailing Address 

Unit 104 - 7728 128 Street, Suite #151
Surrey, British Columbia  V3W 1L3

United States  - Mailing Address

1685 H Street #971
Blaine, Washington  98230
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to provide an effective balance of defense and
intelligence when offering a personal
protection service. Since then, we have
evolved as a Private Military Company, using
trained operators to provide special services
and training to our clientele.