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A message from the Director

You have seen security companies come and go, offering protection services using basic security guards and bouncers. Martial artists think a black belt qualifies them to be bodyguards. It is not uncommon to see police use their badges instead of proper licenses for protection work. TV and film companies sell this as a story for entertainment purposes. What these groups don’t want you to know is that they have no real operational experience or training.

It is true, life does imitate art. But are you willing to put your life on it? Everyone from company executives, all the way up the the Prime Minister’s Office, have been warned that security and police training is not the same as protection training. Examples of Chrétien getting pied, his wife talking down a man with a knife who broke into 24 Sussex, and finally Chrétien grabbing a protestor by the neck moving him out of the way, show how police are not up to the task. Added to the problem are governments who see dollar signs when they look at regulating, instead of establishing effective standards. A vicious circle is then created when government goes right back to the same people who don’t know how to provide protection, and get their input on how to regulate. The result, bad regulations and violators who are allowed to continue working.

Despite all this, we want you to know we don’t play their games. As a agency, we bring to the table men and women who have made sacrifices for their country. These people understand what real protection is. Proper training and experience is key in doing this. We invite you to try out our service and see this for yourself.

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