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A message from the Director

How many of you have walked down a busy street without a second thought about who was around you or how traffic looked? How many are looking now? Is it because of the latest threat in the world?


We are trying to get the word out that terrorists have clearly picked a new weapon and they may be closer than you think. Self-radicalized terrorists are reading the new playbook and running people over with it. Vehicles are easier to get hold of than guns. The government practically gives motor vehicle licenses away these days to anyone with cash and ID. Knives are plentiful. Mix with a screwed up interpretation of the Koran and you have a recipe for death and mayhem.


The message is: Don’t die as sheeple. Don’t think if, but when. Be Aware and Be Prepared. And my favorite one, Screw Calm…Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

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