Danforth Attack

Well, once again, it appears that the health system has failed society, resulting in 3 dead and at least 13 injured. Our hearts go out to the Danforth victims and their families.

I want to point out that the media is quick to label it “gun” violence for the purpose of sensationalism. It is interesting to note that some news sources have discovered that the attacker spoke about being “The Joker” from the Batman movie. Going back as far as 2010, this guy was investigated for other comments. The real question should be, why was he not on a watch list?

Gun laws are fairly strict now. The system has checks and measures in place to receive warnings of gun owners who may become a threat. So how did the system fail again? I believe if you are investigated under the Mental Health Act, that you forfeit your right to possess anything dangerous until such time as you can prove otherwise. But I suspect we are about to hear a million excuses why that couldn’t be done.

In the meanwhile, society is left to point the finger at law abiding citizens telling everyone how we are not safe. The truth is, we have never been safe and taking away gun rights will only make it worse. There are not enough police out there to make a difference, and with the way society is growing, there never will be. If you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have them. Statistics have proven this, despite what anti-gun advocates will have you believe.

I said it before and I will say it again. Don’t think if, but when. Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stop relying on the government to protect you. It certainly didn’t happen in Danforth.