Delusional Politicians

I have been following the news and watching how politicians pander to the certain groups to garner attention. Take Obama and the Anti-Gun Lobby, please! Some anti-gun nutjob jumps on a soapbox and screams that taking away the rights of the many will protect society. It’s funny how nobody addresses the underlying problems. In order to gain attention, politicians fake interest and tell everyone how they care. Viola, we have rights taken away in the form of self-protection.

Just so we are clear, I believe in the right to arm bears, assuming you have training and the brains some non-existent deity gave you. I also believe that self-protection is a human right. I don’t rely on the government to protect my children. That is my job. I do not teach my children to be victims, or hope that the government will protect them from bullies and terrorists. For all of you who have chosen to take the blue pill and wake up believing whatever nonsense you want to, good luck. Personally, I prefer not to be lead to the slaughter.

Where I am going with all this is simple. Tell your politicians to pull their heads out of Uranus. We elect them to govern wisely. Lately, that seems far from the case. We hear posturing, and pandering, and many other things which are less likely to help society grow. Letting terrorists into our borders because the moral minority says its a good thing is wrong. Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens when criminals and terrorists are gearing up is retarded. And pandering to the moral minority only leads us down the road to self-destruction. The squeaky wheel gets the grease is great for a tire, not for governing society.

To the politicians out there who want some sage advise. If you would only listen to the rest of society, you wouldn’t have to work so hard. Listening to the moral minority is what got you in the fix you are in now, and why the population usually believes you are a joke.

So, to the delusional politician who thinks he or she is making a difference, to most of us out here, you are a joke. Make your speeches, and your promises, so we can get back to surviving your decisions. Just remember, we will be sitting back and laughing when those decisions come back and bite you in the arse.