London Attack

It seems that the world has to deal with yet another terrorist attack. In London, 3 men named Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba, went on an attack in London. News reports have stated that “The so-called Islamic State (IS) group has said its “fighters” carried out the attack.”

What we know is that the “men” took a van and drove into pedestrians on London Bridge at 21:58 BST before stabbing people in the area around Borough Market. Eight minutes later, armed police shot and killed the attackers.

What people have to understand is that in simplified terms, terrorists go for what works. You hear some talk that the death toll was lower because of strict guns laws. I’m sorry to say that doesn’t matter. If they really had support from a real terrorist network, do you think that would have stopped them? Gun laws only deter law abiding citizens. They do little to stop crime or terrorist events.

Let’s break down the events. Once again, a motor vehicle is used to inflict mass casualties on the public. The subsequent fear created out of it sends people running. fight-or-flight kicks in and the crowd goes on the defensive to seek cover. The attackers then resort to knives to carry on the deed. It isn’t something you can practice, so the death toll isn’t as high as shooting and blowing things up. But the effect is still the same.

As you remember, ISIS cut the heads off their victims. They have access to automatic weapons, but they understand what makes people scared. The attack doesn’t have to be high tech, or well armed. It has to inflict terror.

I have said this to educate you, the reader. There are a number of things that the average joe should know when going out on the town. There are a lots of things CT guys will take away from the incident. And every uneducated mouthpiece with access to the internet, social media, or electronic device will try to tell you one thing or another, sounding like they know what they are talking about.

People haven’t learned why terrorists strike where they do. Terrorists want to cause the most amount of fear in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of resources. What better way than a crowded area? And they have learned that driving into crowds starts the ball rolling (after all, any idiot can point a car and hit the gas pedal).

What I am saying here is listen and learn. Be vigilant when going out in public. Know your surroundings. If a terrorist event occurs, get out of the area. No place has ever been safe, so stop saying that “it only happens over there.”

I am going to stop here because this is going to happen again, and I am guessing that the only thing that will change is the date.

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “London Attack

  1. healthcon

    I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This piece of writing posted at this web page is in fact pleasant.

    • Terence Post author

      Thanks. There is already enough violence in the world without creating more. As we really get going, we want to overcome stereotypes created by mainstream media. There are people out there with goofy ideas on how the world should be. But there are also people who want to help, even in the smallest way. In other words, we are trying to use our powers for good, despite what some may say. People got questions, we got some of the answers. There isn’t any reason why we can’t be both tough and compassionate. A true warrior fights for peace. I could go on, but I may come across as cliche. Thanks for reading.

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