Server Update – Hacker Time

Attacks come in all forms these days. Sometimes it is overt and violent. Then, there are other times where it isn’t. It seems even when we are not actively engaged with a baddie, we are still on the defensive.

Ever since we installed our new server, we have been engaged in a new battle. Until a few days ago, we had been under a constant stream of bombardment by those using computers for illegal reasons. At last count, there were around 1,300 attempts to hack our site and server. In the mix, we even found a couple traced back to Microsoft and Amazon. I guess in their bid for world domination, they couldn’t resist the urge to try a brute force attack on us.

I mention this because no one is immune to cyberattack. But when it comes to computers and the internet, I am amused. If it isn’t bad enough that groups of ignorant people are busy labeling us as baby-killing monsters (I won’t mention names because you are nothing if not stupid), now we have to waste our time defending against hacks. There is no point in saying get a life if you are sitting in your home instead of doing some good in the world.

I commend certain groups for exposing corruption in the system. But I have to say, you are wasting your time here. If you want to get your next Wikileaks story from us, you’ll starve long before that happens. I say that because the best geek is no match for hard copy, locked in a filing cabinet. Paper beats computer, we win.

So, for the 650 chinese, 478 russian, and assorted others hackers trying to access our system, thank you for your IP addresses. We will begin putting them to good use shortly.

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