Server Update

I have some great news for anyone interested. The new server is stable and I haven’t screwed it up lately, working on it until the wee hours of the morning. It has been hard resisting the urge to tweak it after waking from my computer chair.

We have lots of great stuff we are now beginning to put onto the system. Progress is ongoing for the new fingerprint office. Plans are also underway to be able to have people book appointments and pay online through a secure page. The web site for the fingerprinting will be linked soon.

The web pages have been painfully restored, after I accidentally hit the delete button. And now the contact pages are working. I believe the mailing list is also up, and will be used to notify those with interests in those particular web pages.

Hopefully soon, some of the guys here will begin writing some articles of world interest. These updates and small notes are being done to let people know we are working hard to get back to where we were before. To those people reading my ranting, it will pay off soon. The training that I promised would be available is within sight.

In any case, have to run. Food just got served and I have more work to do to make our training center a reality.

Stay safe.