Secure Transport

Our Secure Transport section offers a variety of services to address most transportation needs. To help describe how our service can help, it may be more important to explain what this service is.

Chauffeur Service

In the case of general transportation, limousine and executive transport services hire professional drivers to chauffeur clients. These drivers possess a driver's license. Certain cities will then require them to take a Taxi/Chauffeur course teaching them how to show people around, and a taxi/chauffeur's license from the city they live in. This qualifies them as little more than taxi drivers. Some companies will even advertise these "professional drivers" as security drivers possessing no qualifications for the job.

Security Drivers

Security drivers are in a different category. A person in this position should have training in counter-surveillance, and escape & evasion driving. Anything less is useless. Many of our drivers have close protection training, allowing them to integrate better when a team is required.

Secure Vehicles

The next step in Secure Transportation is the vehicle. Business is conducted in the vehicle, so it is important that the vehicle be as secure as possible. Using the right vehicle (sedans and SUVs), there is less chance of security being violated, whether by electronic surveillance, or mechanically. The vehicle should also be equipped for pursuit driving, which can be the difference between life and death.

Armored Vehicles

In special circumstances, armored vehicles may be used, depending on the threat level. Access to these vehicles is strictly controlled, for security reasons. It should be noted that this service may be regulated, and not generally available to the public.


Secure transportation may be contracted through our office, after a security check has been conducted.