This is the first of what I hope will be lots of posts made to relay information of what will hopefully be important to those choosing to read it. Of course, seeing is believing. Let me start off by saying welcome.

If there are questions, throw them at us. If there are concerns, let us know about them. If we can answer them, we will. To date, many incidents have come and gone. We have kept silent, simply because it was more amusing to watch others give their opinions.

Let’s give an example. The city of Surrey, BC, experiences a rash of shootings. One such incident is a home invasion that takes the life of a family man as he struggles to protect his family. What people don’t know is the City of Surrey have taken steps to disarm the public, making it difficult to even obtain firearm training. They have created one zone in which you can legally train, but the city controls it and refuses to allow training groups to conduct business there. They say they want a gun free city, and punish law abiding gun owners. It is even more entertaining to see they can’t do a damned thing about the real criminals who I’m sure aren’t using legally obtained firearms and possessing registered firearms documents. Yet, the average smuck walks around thinking he or she is safe until they becomes victims and then they scream bloody murder.

The intent here is to speak out against the moral minority and inform people. If we become victims, it is because we do nothing to prevent it. The government can’t protect us. They want us defenseless so we will be dependant on them. Stop being sheeple.

Anyways, its time to get this show on the road. Good luck Terrorists and bad guys….your time is nearly up.