It’s Christmas time again…

Sorry for the absence, but we have been busy.

So, as everyone can see, attacks continue to plague the world stage. Trump continues to do things that upset people. Where does one begin?

My favorite screw up is in Canada, where our Nation’s Police Force walks the Prime Minister into a crowd and gets mobbed. Then a former Sergeant from the RCMP VIP Section is interviewed doing his best to answer politically without calling a spade a spade. From the video, you can see the fear in the eyes of the constables assigned to protect Canada’s top politician. It really is a good thing Canadians are good people because the results wouldn’t have been the same in other countries.

Then there are the vehicle attacks on crowded areas. It has become the norm now, because nobody has learned from previous attacks. It doesn’t take much to protect a crowd from being run over, and then stabbed. There are street barriers designed to be retracted when not in use for starters. Vigilance on the part of the public is another. If you see something suspicious, report it. Trust me when I say, police would rather investigate a non-event than respond to a active shooter scenario or similar terrorist event. Chances are, a good number of these incidents can be stopped if investigated.

The holidays are a particular time when many people go out and get themselves killed because they have to drink and drive. So, if you have a destiny which involves a hole six feet under, or an urn, please don’t involve anyone else. Enough innocent people are hurt or killed because some idiot had to drive his car home instead of making arrangements for a safe ride.

We here at Defense Intelligence want to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. No, I refuse to be politically correct and say Happy Holidays or something like that because I love Santa. He knows when you good and when you are bad. If he gets tired of giving presents, he has a job waiting for him here.

May you get coal if you are bad and a candy cane or something fun if you are good.